Tradition? Who cares about tradition?

In one of my recent political science classes, we discussed tradition at universities. Tradition plays a huge part for universities. It is involved in the recruiting process for athletes and also for students. For not just athletes, but also the general student population, tradition influences the choice in school they make. For the University of Michigan, tradition plays a huge role for students, professors, and athletes. The tradition at Michigan is known all over the country. For example, the fight song for Michigan is very well-known especially in athletics. After each touchdown, point, run, or score that happens the Michigan fight is song is played and is sung by the fans. The Michigan fight song is the most well-known fight song for college sports. There are many traditions here that people respect. In class, we discussed how every freshman, during their orientation, walks through a fountain in the middle of campus for good luck. The football team at Michigan has many traditions they follow. Before every game they run through the tunnel and jump and hit the banner that says “Go Blue”.

Tradition, touching the banner.

Personally, tradition to me is important. However, being an athlete it does not change the way I play the game. When I play baseball I plan to just focus on the way I play and not the atmosphere around the game. It is nice to see people show tradition and school spirit. Although, for me it is a distraction and makes me lose focus on what really matters and why I am here.

Tradition does bring the student body and general public closer together. It brings the school spirit out of the students. Just like some student’s walk around campus and yell “GO BLUE!” Michigan is a very diverse school and people from all over the world come here. People come to Michigan for the level of education, research, and resources and of course the athletics and the tradition. There is Michigan fans and alumni all over the world. When I went on a trip to Florida I was wearing a Michigan shirt and people would come up and say GO BLUE!

I believe in tradition, however not having tradition would not really matter to me. Many athletes believe the fan base that shows up to the game and sing the fight song make an influence on how they play the game. There are students and athletes that will not go to a school if there were no sense of tradition. Tradition is handed down for generations and is a common ground where friends, family, and fans come together and share something that everyone has in common. Tradition is something that will always be remembered and will never be forgotten.

One thought on “Tradition? Who cares about tradition?

  1. For me, tradition is really important. It is a big reason why I chose Michigan. I love the sense of a community that tradition gives our school. I love that I can go anywhere and be wearing something Michigan and someone will yell “Go Blue!” out of nowhere. Everyone who went to Michigan is proud because of its prestigious reputation. Traditions are passed down through families as Michigan alumni like to bring up their children as fans as well because it is so easy to fall in love with such a great atmosphere here at Michigan.


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