But Do We Really Need College?

I guess I’ll start this off with a “thought-provoking” question: why are you in college? I grew up in a household that stressed the importance of working hard in high school so that I can go to a good college, and then have a good job, and somehow this will make me have a good life. I didn’t particularly enjoy the idea of doing anything in the medical field, so being a lawyer or in something business related was supposed to be my new goal. I know, this sounds like the plot line of a cheesy “coming of age” film, but it really does happen to a lot of kids. Only a few years ago did I really think about what I actually wanted, and I even began to ponder if going to a good college, or any college at all, is even worth it.

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A Kids’ Guide to Becoming King of the Playground

We’ve all been through the virtual hell that is learning to climb the social ladder, whether it is now or in elementary school. However, in elementary school that “Social Ladder” was actually the monkey bars in a strange and slightly scary place called the playground. I know you all remember how difficult it was to navigate this oddity of man, trying to find your friends, avoid the bullies, and somehow seem cool all at the same time. It was like a little kingdom full of woodchips and metal slides, and just like a kingdom, the playground had its peasants and its princes.


It’s my intent to help all those who are struggling with the dog-eat-dog world of playground mentality, all those who have struggled with it, and all those who will struggle in the future with this guide to becoming king of the playground; it’s inspired by the man, the legend himself—King of All Playgrounds: Machiavelli. The following steps will be here to help guide you to greatness (results not guaranteed): Continue reading