Business Isn’t a Weakness

I’ve been told who I was going to be for eighteen years now. Every since I was a young infant my grandfather would sit me on his lap, not to tell me how cute I was in the high pitched baby voice that many grandparents use, but to tell me the story of the person I would become. My grandfather knew how I would live my life, what I would study, what extracurricular I would participate in, and how I would spend whatever remained of my free time, which there would be very little of if he had any say in that too. It may sound harsh, but there was heart behind it. I never doubted for a moment that he didn’t want what was best for me. In fact, he wanted something better than I could have ever even imagined for myself. Continue reading

Is Pledging a Fraternity Play?

The University of Michigan is a one of the biggest universities in the United States and has about 27,000 undergraduates enrolled. In order to feel part of a smaller community at a large school like Michigan many students join Greek life. Around 20% of undergraduates at Michigan are involved with Greek life.

university_of_michigan_by_bagera3005-d4kqxbrGreek life at Michigan is more similar to sports than most people believe:
Rush/Free agency: Fraternity rush is most similar to that of free agency in sports. You have players, or rushes, who visit different fraternities, or teams, and try to sell themselves as to why the fraternity should sign them. Then, the fraternity, or team, tries to convince the rushes that their fraternity is the best place for them and they have the most to offer. Eventually, rushes get bids, or contract offers, and they must accept just one offer.
Pledging/Training camp: Once you sign your bid, you are accepted into the fraternity as a pledge. As a pledge you have a period of time to prove yourself, similar to training camp, before the fraternity, or team, decides to admit you as a full-time member.
I am going to focus solely on pledging and if pledging is indeed play according to Johan Huizinga.

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