“Non-Athletic Regular Person” I Beg To Differ

In this blog post, the writer talked about how athletes have advantages that are unfair to regular students and how athletes benefit more from all the extra academic help they get which in the writers case makes it “unfair” for regular students. In the article “Either/Or,” Ariel Levy explains how in races, category should be more fair than just male and female. The writer for the “Non-Athletic Regular Person” blog also brought up the Cater Semenya event which resulted in a concept of fairness and divide. It was said that she had an advantage in her reaches due to her inner hormone levels. It is hard to consider what is really unfair and an advantage. But I seriously beg to differ on the point brought up in the “Non-Athletic Regular Person” blog post that athletes have an unfair advantage over regular students.

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Fear, Honor and Interest in Fight vs. ISIS

Thucydides stated in the Melian Dialogue that opposing sides fight wars for three different reasons; fear, honor and interest.

isisThe United States is dealing with all three in their fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. The terrorist group has plotted various attacks against the western world. Including possible plans to attack subway systems. While there seems to be a consensus that something must be done to combat the extremists, it begs the question of whether fear, honor or interest are playing the greatest role in the minds of Americans.

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Don’t Be Too Quick to Point the Finger

In Professor LaVaque-Manty’s book The Playing Fields of Eton, the chapter “Being a Woman and Other Disabilities” discusses what it means to be a woman chasing excellence through sports. It’s a hard chase, nonetheless, one that even in today’s modern world might not be successful due to simple lack of interest and possibly even lack of respect from the majority of Americans. In order for any changes to be made in the way we view female sports and the athletes who play them, we have to make the conscious decision ourselves, even women. It’s not just the male dominated society as a whole. Continue reading