Fear, Honor and Interest in Fight vs. ISIS

Thucydides stated in the Melian Dialogue that opposing sides fight wars for three different reasons; fear, honor and interest.

isisThe United States is dealing with all three in their fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. The terrorist group has plotted various attacks against the western world. Including possible plans to attack subway systems. While there seems to be a consensus that something must be done to combat the extremists, it begs the question of whether fear, honor or interest are playing the greatest role in the minds of Americans.

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Don’t Be Too Quick to Point the Finger

In Professor LaVaque-Manty’s book The Playing Fields of Eton, the chapter “Being a Woman and Other Disabilities” discusses what it means to be a woman chasing excellence through sports. It’s a hard chase, nonetheless, one that even in today’s modern world might not be successful due to simple lack of interest and possibly even lack of respect from the majority of Americans. In order for any changes to be made in the way we view female sports and the athletes who play them, we have to make the conscious decision ourselves, even women. It’s not just the male dominated society as a whole. Continue reading

Style Means Everything

It’s all about “style”. Not the kind of style that you wear: It’s your ethics and decision-making. In “Games Climbers Play” by Lito Tejada-Flores, the concept of “style” is developed through rock climbing. If a climber chooses to follow the accepted rules of a climbing game, then he is climbing ethically and, therefore, has good “style”. On the other hand, a climber can have bad “style” or unethical climbing by following the rules of a simpler climbing game. For example, alpine climbing with expedition style would be considered bad “style.” Bad “style” destroys the game of climbing because the purpose of the game structure is to ensure that each participant has a “similar feeling of accomplishment” as other ethical players after attempting the same game. The idea of “style” in rock climbing got me thinking about other sports where participants can be prone to unethical play, and baseball immediately came to mind. Continue reading

Players or Fans?

My everyday life has changed a lot, since I’ve come to the University of Michigan for soccer. I have started attending different sports events and I’ve observed things I have never once observed before. Having to go to a variety of different sports events and realizing what it truly means to be a student athlete at Michigan. Watching clips of the past events, you see the passion the players have for the game. But really playing you get such an amazing rush of happiness when you win and such a feeling of disappointment when you lose.

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Do Menand’s Theories Apply to High School?

Throughout my Political Science 101 class, students have dissected Live and Learn by Louis Menand. Most people compare colleges, or their college experience, with whichever of Menand’s theories they find most applicable. However, I would like to look at Menand’s three theories and compare them to my high school experience because I feel most people are yet to realize the similarities

Menand discussed three theories in his article Live and Learn. Menand’s first theory suggests that college is a sorting process, setting a value on graduates; students with the highest value, or merit, are the best. His second theory is that people should try to become well-rounded because once they are working they will be forced to specialize. Menand’s third, and final theory is that an education should offer specialized knowledge in order to prepare for future employment. In my opinion, all three of these theories could be translated to describe high school.

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NASCAR: The Ultimate Representation of an American Dream

Still reassuring yourself by saying “the Big House” as the biggest stadium in the Western Hemisphere after the recent fiasco against Spartans? What I am going to talk about might disappointing you because “the Big House” is nothing compared to the largest speedway in the world. As a matter of fact, the majority of NASCAR tracks in the US are larger than “the Big House”, and the largest one among them, the grandiose Indianapolis Motor Speedway, once attracted roughly 400,000 spectators, is practically four times bigger than the highest capacity of “the Big House”.

Aerial view: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Dwarfs “the Big House” (link)

Apparently, from those comparisons and stats, you have already successfully conjectured: the protagonist here is NASCAR. In fact, apart from introducing the history and development of NASCAR, what I am going to argue in this blog post is that: NASCAR (forget about football and baseball) is the actual and genuine “Ultimate Representation” of  an American Dream

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Whose Destiny is it, Bungie?

Is it mine or yours? Given what you put into the game yourself, I should be able to make of it what I want, right? Why do I complain about your decisions ad nauseam when I’m playing yet outside of that I’m eager to recommend it to friends? These are a few of the questions I have found myself asking following the release of the newest addition to Bungie’s list of games. For those that aren’t following, Bungie, Inc. is an American video game developer group widely known and celebrated as the creator of the Halo series, one of the most successful gaming franchises to exist and something even non-gamers can recognize. The Halo series, being an Xbox exclusive title, was at the time of Bungie’s acquisition and still is Microsoft’s flagship series, earning them billions of dollars in revenue. No longer wanting to be a part of this larger company, Bungie moved for independence and in 2007 came to an agreement with Microsoft that included moving the Halo universe from Bungie over to a new studio owned by Microsoft known as 343 Industries. Out on its own, completely independent and without the series that made them famous, Bungie began development for a game that had been, ever since they began teasing its release, the cause for great excitement. For seven years “Destiny” was planned by what could be considered one of the greatest developing groups of all time yet surprisingly since its release on September 9th of this year, there has been an uncanny amount of complaints, one of which I’d like to discuss here.

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