The Change in Football

American football, surly thought as America’s game because of its exclusiveness to North America and its people. This is a game in which there injuries to the head, neck and spine can be very dangerous and in some extreme cases deadly. Football started in 1869 in Rutgers stadium when they played Princeton. Football back then was a shell of the game that we all know today.

Back when the first game was played the forward pass was not a thing and the football was more like a basketball. As the years went bye the game became more violent. With the invention of the facemask, which was first used in the late 50’s, people now had protection for their face. This means now you can lead with your head when making a tackle, this is when many of the injuries started to come to fruition. Over the years following that helmets, shoulder pads, and other protective measures got better and better. However, even today with the equipment at its very best and most technologically advanced we still have more injuries then ever. Why is this?

The answer to this is simple; the players are bigger, stronger, and faster then ever before. From young ages kids are working out and conditioning to be great football players, I know this from experience. From drinking protein shakes when I was very young to work out sessions during grade school and even running wind sprints at recess to better myself football players at higher levels have dedicated heir lives to this sport. So naturally, when you and all your opponents are “bred” to play this sport you make athletes who are so big, strong, and fast that when they hit each other the energy they are exerting on each other is so vast that you are likely to have injuries.

The way to prevent this is changing the rules of the padding in football. In football you have a helmet and shoulder pads but your head is still vulnerable to “whip lash” injuries because your neck allows you your head to move freely. There is equipment used to help prevent this called “Cowboy Collars.”

collar football (Football player wearing a Cowboy Collar)

Cowboy Collars come in all shapes and sizes but they all do generally the same thing, which is restrict the head from whipping back and forth. I believe if we make a rule mandating wearing Cowboy Collar collars then it would make football a safer sport. Not only would this benefit the players it would not change how football is played. This simple rule would not only make football a safer sport to watch, it would also not change football and how this great game is played.