Is It The Same Test?

download (2)Education at every level from pre-school to obtaining doctorates is extremely fundamental in the development of American society. Individuals seeking an advanced education have far more opportunities in the workforce. The more educated have very increased opportunities to earn more throughout their lifetime than an uneducated person. Advanced education is a resume builder and says to employers you have taken the extra steps to gain more knowledge and are a greater advantage to their corporation.

Louis Menand wrote a article in the New Yorker called Live in Learn in which he states, “At the end of the process, graduates get a score, the G.P.A. that professional schools and employers can trust as a measure of intellectual capacity and productive potential. It’s important, therefore, that everyone is taking more or less the same test.” Is the test everyone is taking the same test? Can we say kids in underfunded urban areas are aloud to take the same intellectual test as other and if they are is it fair?

The issue of insufficient education for the poor or inner-city schools is often talked about and greatly discussed by educators, politicians, parents and even students with the intent to improve the level and degree of education received but there is still so much to be done to bring the inner city schools up to par with other private, suburban or well-funded schools. Students who attend inner city schools or ones in poor neighborhoods are greatly disadvantaged by many factors, among them money, politics and desire. They are more likely to be in overcrowded classrooms, lacking the supplies necessary to properly teach all of the students or to keep up with the newest technologies in education.

These students are still expected to be held to the same high standard as the more fortunate schools when it comes to knowledge and the skills they should develop, even though they were not afforded the same opportunities. If the students do not succeed there was simply not a will or desire to succeed and gain an adequate let alone an advanced education. It simply isn’t fair, to expect students to achieve something when they aren’t given a fair or equal opportunity to achieve. In these schools, many teachers feel undervalued. They are underpaid, so a once enthusiastic teacher is now reduced to feelings of babysitting and feeling of not only being undervalued for their work but having no recourse. There are too many problems in Urban school leaving them to fall behind.

This is why Menand’s theory one is not so great for student who come from underfunded urban areas. Menand’s theory one states that “College is, essentially, a four-year intelligence test. Students have to demonstrate intellectual ability over time and across a range of subjects. If they’re sloppy or inflexible or obnoxious—no matter how smart they might be in the I.Q. sense—those negatives will get picked up in their grades”. If your high school doesn’t develop your intelligence, it makes it harder for you to succeed in college.

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Maybe this means that schools such implement changes to help children that come from disadvantage areas succeed.

2 thoughts on “Is It The Same Test?

  1. Lowering testing scoes/expectations for inner city schools I feel would not help our country. Everywhere should be held to the same standard. If we let some groups not meet a minimum, it brings society down as a whole. The only way is providing them with the correct supplies to reach that standard. More money and technology moved to the inner cities to help build stronger education communities.


    • First I did not state in my blog post that we should lower expectation or test scores. Also I feel as though the opposite would happen if we don’t allow kids who might not have had the same educational opportunities to succeed in Universities. Going about the problem the way you suggest would allow for an increase group of elites to control the society. Furthermore our country need diversities in terms attendance in Universities and in government position and you get that from allowing kids to have the same opportunities as others. “If we let some groups not meet a minimum, it brings society down as a whole”? And I guess I’m bringing down society because I didn’t necessarily meet the average requirements of a U of M student and I came from a inner city school. You shouldn’t assume because of where somewhere comes from and if they have a certain test score or gpa whatever it may be that they are incapable. Giving the opportunity you never know who might rise to the occasion.


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