Both Basketballs

In my year and half here at the University of Michigan I have been lucky enough to taste the excitement and tradition of many of our sports. This year I attendened the University of Michigan’s mens Basketball game that opened their season. I was also in attendance for the Women’s opening basketball game.They were both very fun and up beat games that were great games to take in as a spectator and as a former basketball player who appreciates the game. As I sat And took in the games at Crisler Arena I began to notice a big difference between the two games.

The mens basketball game had a substantially more large crowd at their game in comparison to the women’s game. This led to ask the simple question, why? As I saw the games I could not see any difference in the way the game was played or what was going on on the court itself. As i watched the women’s game the only thing that was different was that they were not “Dunking” the ball. The “Dunk” Came of age with Bob Kurland a seven foot olympic gold medalist who was dunking in the mid 1940’s. Since then the dunk has been a mainstay of basketball and an attraction for many fans. Now there are so many tremendous athletes playing basketball that dunks are no longer mundane and simple. They have evolved into high flying and complicated motions that dazzle the crowds and in my opinion bring many fans to games.

Bob Kurland(Bob Kurland)

On the other side of this today in women basketball there are a couple females who can dunk. One of which is a woman named Brittney Griner, this 6’8 super star dominated in Womens college basketball and also now in the WNBA (Womens national basketball association.) As word spread about this female dunker ticket sales for Baylor university women’s basketball games sky rocketed.  This is because people enjoy seeing that type of talent.

Griner-Brittney-Dunk(Brittney Griner Dunking)

In class we talked about women and men in sports and at the University of Michigan there are amazing athletes in women and mens sports. The difference between men and women’s basketball is nothing but one simple move, the Dunk. I believe that if women’s basketball team had a girl who could dunk on their team then there would be a substantial change in attendance. These two sports are the same no matter who is playing them yet a simple move can change the whole dynamic of this game.