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Throughout the last few months in the united states there has been some very serious and saddening events that have taken place. From Ferguson, to Eric Garner there have been many actions resulting in the death of human lives. Regardless of your stance on the situations that have happened there is one over ruling factor that cannot be forgotten and that is that people have lost their lives for no reason. Having these very horrible events happen recently many professional athletes have been using their visibility and “star power” to bring to light that people are should take notice and care about what is going on in the current events of the united states.

Following these events Players from the Saint Louis Rams team have brought attention to these events by putting up their hands making the “Don’t shoot symbol.

Dont shoot(Rams players doing the don’t shoot before their game last week)

This brought a rather large amount notoriety to the Mike Brown and Ferguson case. Say what you may about this action; However, it brought a large amount notoriety to this case. Having said that, this case already had a huge following but when these professional football players did this it “stirred the pot” and in many people’s opinions has brought this case to a higher level of visibility then anticipated.

Another showing of protest with professional athletes is players wearing shirts that simply say “I can’t breathe” these three simple words are very simple but have an unbelivable deep meaning. This shirt is in reference to Eric Garner, who was chocked to death by cops. His last words were “I can’t breathe.” Many people believe that his death was also wrong and unjust and that is why these professional athletes are standing behind Eric and his case. Athletes like Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Reggie Bush have all warn shirts that say these words in warm ups before their games.having said this these athletes by wearing these shirts have brought so much national attention to these cases.n-LEBRON-JAMES-large(Lebron James)

This in my eyes is a great thing. The more people that aware and are educated on a situation will make the outcome a better and more just outcome. I support these athletes standing up for what they believe in, because it not only is the freedom of speech but it also will help make better a situation that is not good at all

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  1. I think there are a lot of different aspects at play here. One being that the Rams players were actually threatened by the St. Louis police department for this display. This is problematic because it takes away the players free speech. The fact that the police even felt the need to prosecute them clearly shows that there is a bigger issue at hand here. You can’t police everything people do. This just adds to the idea that athletes can’t have a cause. Hopefully, it won’t prevent future players from standing up for what they believe in.


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