Comment on “Where to Invade Next”

Ethan, I really enjoyed this post! I agree that it often is hard to maintain the thought that America is “the greatest country in the world,” when we overlook many of the effects of that “greatness” in our everyday lives. To be honest, I was tempted to throw a fit when I heard what those French fourth-graders eat for lunch—at that age, my day would have been made if I had heard chicken nuggets were on the menu. I think your post excellently highlights something far more important than school lunch disparities or Icelandic feminism (even though feminism is not something I would call irrelevant by any means). America is a country that has granted its citizens the liberty to have a diversity of opinions. Additionally, America protects its citizens’ freedoms with democratic elections and one of the most advanced armed services in the world. It’s easy to get caught up in the ways in which America has “failed” when you’re doing homework that your Finnish pen-pal will never have, but stopping to realize that American are offered a lifestyle that is unparalleled by many can help to put things into perspective. I think you did a great job reminding us of that, so thank you!