Response: Comment on “The Latest in False Advertisement: Social Justice”


Thanks for commenting on my piece. I did not intend to subject the upper class to an unfair trial, so my apologies if it came across as such! Similarly, I agree with your belief in freedom to act and the equality of respect, and I was not attempting to suggest that the government should encroach on either of those liberties. Although empathy is not the only solution to social injustice, overcoming power imbalances caused by socioeconomic differences puts the odds in favor of the wealthier or more powerful party. For a situation to be considered “socially just,” both parties must view the outcome as justice, which is where my idea of mutual benefit, respect, and understanding comes into play. I do appreciate you challenging my reasoning, though, because it makes for a more thought-provoking Like Mill, I think that debate is the best way to ensure one is firm in his or her beliefs!