Comment on “How Free is Life in Detroit?”


This post was eye-opening for me.  Having grown-up in Michigan and now living so near Detroit, I assumed I knew a great deal about the plight of Detroit.  However, your blog elucidated many intricacies of the crisis I had previously been blind to.  I was especially surprised by the public health facts that El-Sayed shared, although those about gang violence are no less appalling.  Until traveling to an area without access to affordable nutrition, I had never realized how fortunate we are to have something as mundane as a grocery store in our communities.  It truly is a tragedy that these problems are rarely a part of the dialogue about rebuilding Detroit, and far worse that we so often fail to see that such crippling problems exist in our “free and equal” country.  Thank you for the reminder that we cannot distance ourselves from issues that truly hit so close to home.