About the Political Habitat

Welcome to the Political Habitat, a collection of blogs written by students from the University of Michigan that explores innovative perspectives on current and historical political trends and theories.

The purpose of this blog is to create a forum where students with a diverse set of perspectives can express their ideas freely. Within the confines of this blog, authors aim to promote a space for the creative mind to explore their own thoughts with the assistance of their peers. The blog will help facilitate deeper and thought-provoking discussions and develop a strong sense of community within the class.  This blog is a place where students can receive feedback on their posts from peers, and they can have their opinions challenge in a respectful way. By the conclusion of class, the authors hope all can take new perspectives on political outlooks.

Author’s blogs should be at minimum 500 words and should not exceed 1000 words. Blogs are one of the four main assignments (of which they will choose two) that you will be graded on this semester. Blogs should include substance from the readings, a well-versed argument, and personal experience from the bloggers own life. Blog topics must fall under one of the following topics:

  • Sport and the University: That’s the LSA Theme Semester, and you are invited to reflect on what this combination means. You have relatively free hands, but your post must use or invoke something about this course.
  • Political Theory in the News: In this category of posts, you connect a text, thinker, theme or an idea from the course with something that is happening now. It doesn’t literally happen to be in the news; you can talk about contemporary political or cultural phenomenon (“The Machiavellian Roots of Twerking”).
  • The Personal Is Political: You connect a text, thinker, theme or an idea to something about your own life. No TMI, though!
  • Course Connections: You connect a text, thinker, theme or an idea to some other course you have taken or are taking, something you’ve learned, or something else from your educational experience. (“So I’m taking this course on Japanese cinema, and we saw this great film that got me thinking…”)
  • All in a Game: You connect… blah blah blah… to something in the world of games. This can mean videogames, board games, the Olympic Games, etc.
  • Institutional Analysis: You analyze the logic, goals, embedded values or the like of some institution you are familiar with (e.g., your fraternity, your crocheting club, your Econ 101 class) using concepts or ideas from this course. You are welcome to fictionalize individuals’ and organizations’ identities — but you can’t make up stuff!
  • My Learned Colleague, I Beg to Differ: Sometimes, you want to engage another blogger in more than comments to her or his post. In such cases, you may write an entire post. It must make clear which other post you are engaging.

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