Morals vs. Capitalists

While reading Marx and Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party, I was able to gain a really good sense of their idea of society’s class system, and where it stems from. I was also able to learn and understand the different goals of a capitalist and what their workers expectations are as well. I personally cannot imagine living in a capitalist economy. If I had to, I don’t think I would be able to survive, knowing that it’s all about the capitalist’s profit and about how cheap they can get someone to work. I feel as though that would go against America’s morals, although we may not have many strong ones, I must say that the fact we don’t have this type of economy shows that someone was thinking of the majority rather than just themselves or a small group of people.

Marx and Engels

Marx and Engels

The whole price theorem for the worker and price theorem for the capitalist put me at a great disposition. The fact that the reproduction of the worker has no value to the capitalist doesn’t sit well with me at all. Yes i know gaining a profit at anything you invest in is something you aim for and one of the main reasons you invest in something, but I feel like it shouldn’t be the main thing you should be concerned about. I feel like the happiness and well being of your employees should be your first priority because when it comes to making you money, they are the ones representing you and doing the work you need to be done to actually make a profit. Therefore, to make sure you make the best and most honest profit, your employees well being and ability to reproduce should be important in maintaining your credibility and relationship with not only our employees, but also society in general. If word gets out that your best interest isn’t your employees or you don’t care about them and treat them any sort of way. they will end up quitting and no one will want to work for you.



That’s just how I feel. I know not everyone thinks that way and not everyone cares about the lives and well being of their employees as long as their work gets done, but I feel like you can’t expect the best if you don’t give the best or put forth your best and I feel like that’s where Marx and Engels went wrong in their theory of capitalism and social classes in general. I felt like they were a bit too negative in their thinking of other individuals. I could be wrong, maybe I’m too naive and too nice about how I think people actually think or the morals they have.

Individualist or Conformist?

John Stuart Mill

In my Communication Studies 101 class we were discussing how society pretty much decides what you can and cannot do. Well if you let it. We touched on the different ways advertising makes you believe that you are being different and you are being an individual, but in reality you aren’t. We discussed how this idea of being an individual is really a way of trying to get you to conform to a general target audience to get you to start buying their product and other products like it. While going through my notes from this lecture, I automatically thought of John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty chapter 3.

I think his idea of what being an individual is really hit home with me because so many people in our society think they know what being an individual is and what it entails, but I honestly don’t think they do. In this chapter he really highlights on the fact that we have the right to do what we please and not have to answer to a group of people for permission, that human improvement requires “freedom and variety of situations”. I feel like if people understood that and excepted that, then our mass media world would be a lot different. I think a lot of the categories and groups that society tries to box us in would be less detrimental to us and less harmful to people if they followed this way of thinking. I know it probably won’t happen, but it’s just something I thought about when I was reading the information in the text.

I think society spends so much time on placing us into categories. I don’t think it spends enough time celebrating our differences and our individuality because when people think of differences they think of weird or outcast. I think that’s ridiculous, we should be able to celebrate ourselves and individuality without feeling like we won’t be socially excepted.


Soccer vs. Basketball

Michigan Vs. Indiana

Michigan Vs. Indiana (MY PHOTO)


This fall I attended two sporting events. Men’s Soccer and Men’s basketball. The soccer game I attended was a very important one. It was against Indiana. In the first half of the game we were doing so good. We were playing with such intensity and we were playing as a team, but once we entered the second half we fell apart.

The second half of the game was a struggle. Not only did the offense and defense fall apart, the Michigan fans fell apart as well. Once Indiana scored a goal the Michigan fans automatically got discouraged and stopped cheering for Michigan. They just gave up. They started yelling at the coach and booing the players. The expected happened as a result as that. The team became discouraged and stop playing with  heart, like they started. This reminded me of what was mentioned in Giamatti’s Take Time For Paradisehow spectators watch because they want to be the athlete “…and to bound them in time or by rules or boundaries in a green enclosure surrounded by an amphitheater or at least a gallery is to replicate the arena of humankind ‘s highest aspiration”. It is such a pity that they turn on their own players because of that though, but the basketball game I attended was a whole different story.

The Men’s basketball game I attended was against Wayne State. It was an exhibition game, and after watching, I understood why. This game was amazing. Michigan continued their 30 plus point lead almost the entire game. The fans were very supportive and very enthusiastic throughout the entire game, which was the complete opposite behavior of the fans from the soccer game. I feel as though no matter if the team you are supporting is winning or losing you should support them. There should be no booing or disrespecting the coach.

Although the games are different, the fans still behave the same, When the soccer team was doing well in the first quarter they cheered and supported the team, just as the fans did during the basketball game.

Crisler Arena

Crisler Arena (MY PHOTO)

The athletes participating in these games are expected to do a lot. They are expected to win and listen to the spectators (the people who aren’t playing) boo them and then go to the locker room and listen to the coaching staff yell at them too. That is a lot of pressure to put on people that are just playing a sport and doing what they love. I feel like if the spectators were put in the athletes positions they wouldn’t appreciate being treated like that. To be critiqued on just doing something you love and enjoy is horrible. I know I would be very upset. I just think people really need to re-evaluate their actions and how they respond to things, especially things they know they are incapable of performing themselves.

Football or something in the Middle?

My photo

U of M first game of the year

While growing up I was the only girl amongst a whole crew of boy cousins in my family. I wasn’t treated that way though. I was treated like one of the “guys”. I played every game and got just as dirty as they did. I learned how to be very aggressive when playing sports because they taught me how to play and that’s why I’m never afraid to get dirty or be rough still to this day. I know one sport that was the most fun to play though, football. Football is the most fun sport to play when you’re a little kid, you get to tackle each other and run to catch each other until you find someone to tackle again. Now, imagine being a little kid, and not being able to put your head down and tackle someone coming toward you while you’re running with the ball to defend yourself.l. When I read the article NFL Rules Changes: When is Football No Longer Football?, my childhood memories with my cousins was the first thing I thought about. In this article the controversial topic of banning the “Tuck Rule”, which is the rule where you are able to lower your helmet to break free of on coming tackles coming from the defense. The NFL has been in and out of trouble because of the multiple brain injuries arising from the sport so they think eliminating this rule will help the problem and a question arose from it; would football still be considered football with the banning of that rule? The answer they came up with in the article was yes, it would, but I to a child playing it would not be considered football. It would be somewhere between basketball and football. The whole point of football to a child is the tackling. To adults, it may not be as important because we understand the complete rules of the game and no that this specific rule may not make that much of a difference, but to a child, it can mean so much more. Sometimes I think we forget about what it was like to be a child and we just think about life now. I can’t imagine how football would have been for me without the “Tuck Rule”, and although people’s lives are at risk because of the rule, I’m sad to see it go.


Don’t Play the “Fool”

As students, we are expected to uphold to Academic Integrity. For example, when taking our reading quizzes, we are expected to do the readings and then do the quiz. As Mika continuously mentions, he sometimes includes things on those quizzes to ensure that we are indeed doing the readings and not just looking up the answers on Google. In the reading, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, the fool is mentioned and his vision is seen as breaking contracts or covenants is your choice, which is based on your benefit. So the way I look at it is we are the fools in this situation.

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The Climb to “The Top” and All That Comes With It

When I was growing up adults always asked me what I wanted to be, and I never knew the answer. I always thought it was something wrong with me for not knowing because all of my friends knew what they wanted to be. Everyone always had the same answers too, doctor, president, lawyer, etc. The same old answers everyone seems to have at that age. What I soon began to realize was as we started getting older the answers didn’t really seem to change, and the adults’ reactions didn’t either. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.

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