More Than A Women

A couple of years ago while I played on a U.S. academy soccer team which was a bunch of guys who wanted to pursue a career in soccer after high school, so it is easy to say that the atmosphere of it all was pretty competitive. Every practice, we always had this one girl who trained with us. Her name was Summer and she was committed to play soccer at the University of North Carolina. I remember the first practice she came too, everyone was thinking why is this girl playing with us, she’s going to be slower than us or weaker than us. Once we began playing, she was literally just as good or even better than most of us. We were all so surprised. But in retrospect, I ask the question to why is it that we just think that because she was a girl she wouldn’t be as good as us?

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“Non-Athletic Regular Person” I Beg To Differ

In this blog post, the writer talked about how athletes have advantages that are unfair to regular students and how athletes benefit more from all the extra academic help they get which in the writers case makes it “unfair” for regular students. In the article “Either/Or,” Ariel Levy explains how in races, category should be more fair than just male and female. The writer for the “Non-Athletic Regular Person” blog also brought up the Cater Semenya event which resulted in a concept of fairness and divide. It was said that she had an advantage in her reaches due to her inner hormone levels. It is hard to consider what is really unfair and an advantage. But I seriously beg to differ on the point brought up in the “Non-Athletic Regular Person” blog post that athletes have an unfair advantage over regular students.

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Players or Fans?

My everyday life has changed a lot, since I’ve come to the University of Michigan for soccer. I have started attending different sports events and I’ve observed things I have never once observed before. Having to go to a variety of different sports events and realizing what it truly means to be a student athlete at Michigan. Watching clips of the past events, you see the passion the players have for the game. But really playing you get such an amazing rush of happiness when you win and such a feeling of disappointment when you lose.

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Is Modern Sport just a Social Process?

While reading the Dynamics of Modern Sport by Eric Dunning, I came upon an important quote that plays into my life specifically today. He said “trend towards growing seriousness and competitiveness or, alternatively, towards the ‘deamateurization’ of sport, is a compelling social process” pretty much Dunning is trying to explain how modern sports today rely on revenue from match attendance and commercial sponsorships. This plays into my life because, now being on the Michigan soccer team and after reading this I really have started to realize how much our team and teams in general, depend on the attendance we get to help the program grow as a whole. The soccer program stresses the advertisement of the team, for example at the beginning of the season us freshman are given the job to post our team poster with our schedule everywhere around campus. We are to do this because it helps raise awareness for our team and helps bring more people to our games. Continue reading


As most people know, the University of Michigan is a highly competitive academic institution. But besides academics the athletic department is one of the best in the country. When anyone talks about the athletic department here at Michigan, most people seem to think of the football program that has so much history and pride behind it. In the last week or so, on campus there has been large crowds of students and Michigan sports fans protesting to get Dave Brandon (Michigan’s Athletic Director) out. With all this negative hype around our football team for only winning two games and getting Dave Brandon out, around campus it feels as if our athletic program is in a drought. Everyone believes our football team is doing poorly due to Dave Brandon’s decisions of hiring Brady Hoke, raising price tickets and not protecting or student athletes. Continue reading