Don’t Play the “Fool”

As students, we are expected to uphold to Academic Integrity. For example, when taking our reading quizzes, we are expected to do the readings and then do the quiz. As Mika continuously mentions, he sometimes includes things on those quizzes to ensure that we are indeed doing the readings and not just looking up the answers on Google. In the reading, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, the fool is mentioned and his vision is seen as breaking contracts or covenants is your choice, which is based on your benefit. So the way I look at it is we are the fools in this situation.

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North Korea and the Fool’s Challenge

Kim Jong-un, the current dictator of North Korea

Kim Jong-un, The Current Dictator Of North Korea

In his book Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes introduces us to the “Fool’s Challenge”: the idea that contracts between people or nations can be broken at anytime no matter the resulting consequences. Thomas Hobbes spends part of his book refuting this point because he feels that breaking contracts with allies decreases the chance of survival because the allies become less and less willing to help out going into the future. North Korea’s communist regime has been, for the last couple of decades,doing exactly that and my blog post will, hopefully, leave you with a thorough understanding of what I think Hobbes would have to say about North Korea’s current policies concerning diplomacy.

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