Morals vs. Capitalists

While reading Marx and Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party, I was able to gain a really good sense of their idea of society’s class system, and where it stems from. I was also able to learn and understand the different goals of a capitalist and what their workers expectations are as well. I personally cannot imagine living in a capitalist economy. If I had to, I don’t think I would be able to survive, knowing that it’s all about the capitalist’s profit and about how cheap they can get someone to work. I feel as though that would go against America’s morals, although we may not have many strong ones, I must say that the fact we don’t have this type of economy shows that someone was thinking of the majority rather than just themselves or a small group of people.

Marx and Engels

Marx and Engels

The whole price theorem for the worker and price theorem for the capitalist put me at a great disposition. The fact that the reproduction of the worker has no value to the capitalist doesn’t sit well with me at all. Yes i know gaining a profit at anything you invest in is something you aim for and one of the main reasons you invest in something, but I feel like it shouldn’t be the main thing you should be concerned about. I feel like the happiness and well being of your employees should be your first priority because when it comes to making you money, they are the ones representing you and doing the work you need to be done to actually make a profit. Therefore, to make sure you make the best and most honest profit, your employees well being and ability to reproduce should be important in maintaining your credibility and relationship with not only our employees, but also society in general. If word gets out that your best interest isn’t your employees or you don’t care about them and treat them any sort of way. they will end up quitting and no one will want to work for you.



That’s just how I feel. I know not everyone thinks that way and not everyone cares about the lives and well being of their employees as long as their work gets done, but I feel like you can’t expect the best if you don’t give the best or put forth your best and I feel like that’s where Marx and Engels went wrong in their theory of capitalism and social classes in general. I felt like they were a bit too negative in their thinking of other individuals. I could be wrong, maybe I’m too naive and too nice about how I think people actually think or the morals they have.

McDonald’s: What exactly is it?

Yes, as pathetic and cliché that it may sound, I have worked at McDonald’s. Where I grew up, McDonald’s was “the” job that every high-schooler held, and I was one of many that swallowed my pride and got a job there. After being a part the corporation for over two years, I learned all the nooks and crannies of what McDonald’s has to offer. But, even after working at the bottom of the food chain, I never quite realized how political the system was until reading Marx and Engels’s work, The Manifesto of the Communist Party

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The NFL: A Socialist Empire

The National Football League logo.

“It is a form of socialism and it’s worked quite well for us,” were the words of National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell in his January, 2012 interview with 60 Minutes. The National Football League is the most popular athletic league in the country today. Revenues in excess of $9 billion dollars annually and popularity are at all-time highs under Goodell’s leadership. The question of how to monetize and maintain this popularity is very relevant, and as evidenced by Goodell’s quote, to do so the National Football League leverages a 19th century philosophy described by Karl Marx. Continue reading

The Other Side of Communism


A Symbol Of Communism [1] (wikimedia)

To truly analyze an idea or opinion, one needs to step out of their own perspective and look at everything impartially. Unfortunately, the world’s history is never written analytically. As Winston Churchill once said, “History is written by the victors.” His words hold true throughout history, and as a result, most of history needs to be reanalyzed to be thoroughly understood. One major example of this is the way that we, as Americans, perceive the idea communism. Most of us have read about or experienced World War II, Vietnam war, the cold war, or the Cuban missile crisis that causes us to naturally feel an aversion to the idea of communism in general. However, this aversion may be misplaced; communism in its simplest form is actually meant to promote equality. Continue reading