Is Social Media Play?

In my initial blog post, Social Media as Play, I stated that social media websites perfectly fit Johan Huizinga’s definition of play from Homo Ludens by satisfying the following criteria: freedom, inherent activity, and its limitation of time and space. While for the most part, I agree with my original claims, upon second glance I felt that there was much more to add. Continue reading

Facebook… turning life from play to display

Many of the readings we’ve done so far in our PoliSci class have been about the definition of play. Recently, blogger kellyv posted a very interesting article Social Media As Play drawing parallels between the idea of play and the activity of engaging in social media. While Eric Dunning explores Stone’s argument in his book Sport Histories: Figurational Studies of the Development of Modern Sports  that play has been turned into “display”, implying that it is oriented towards the satisfaction of the spectator. And so goes the existence of our cyber-identity: we have become obsessed with “pleasing the crowd” over enjoying the game of life, one move at a time. Our lives have become a continuous strive to display a version of ourselves that conform to the expectations of our spectators. Continue reading