Oil Production and Social Contracts

Final-GraphCurrently oil producers face a problem that they would not have expected in years past, a glut of oil. While refiners and consumers are reaping the benefits of low oil prices do to a supply flood in the market, oil-producing countries are hurting. For the first time in years the price of a gallon of gasoline is down to below three dollars a gallon. For producers of oil this means lower revenue and some nations are trying to do something about it. The three philosophers who wrote about social contracts would have something to say about this.

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Protecting The Shield

The National Football League logo, commonly referred to as The Shield.

The National Football League is a billion-dollar empire that continuously ranks as the most popular sport in the country. People have religiously devoted themselves to their team’s performance every Sunday, which has resulted in huge profits and significant expansion in recent years. Much of this popularity and success is do to the on-field performance of the players, but a significant portion of the success can be attributed to the relationship between the league and the player’s union. Although they accomplish much, the struggle for power and control over the vast empire of the National Football League is not always peaceful and frequently shows similarities to violence that is detailed by Thucydides thousands of years ago.

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